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Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura Camera Obscura

Located on Douglas Head, the Great Union Camera Obscura was constructed in 1887 originally for astronomy but has since become a popular tourist attraction.


Using a series of mirrors and lenses located in the revolving turret above a darkened room, it offers an amazing view over Douglas and the surrounding headland area.





It is also capable of producing a 360-degree view over Douglas harbour, the lighthouse and out to the horizon.


The camera was originally used to spy on other tourists at the swimming baths or cuddling on the headland - a popular form of fun and entertainment in its age.


It also still remains a popular tourist attraction and is one of only four still existing cameras obscura in the British Isles.



Frequently Asked Questions 


What are the opening hours?

It is generally considered that when the Camera Obscura's flag is flying, it is open for visitors. However, please see the 'useful links' for more specific opening times.


Who runs the Camera Obscura?

The Camera Obscura is operated and maintained by volunteers, hence why it is only open to the public for certain limited periods.


Can I become a volunteer?

Anyone interested in assisting at the Camera Obscura is asked to contact Peter Kelly.  

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