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Borough Wardens

As part of the development and environment team, the borough wardens are happy to be the first point of contact for problems you may encounter, relating to many antisocial or other incidents affecting your quality of life.


The borough wardens team was created by almalgamating byelaws enforcement and car park/market inspectors; The role of borough wardens has also been enhanced and expanded to include a raft of other duties related to improving or maintaining the high standard and quality of the environment. The phrase 'enviro-crime' was termed to cover all matters which adversely affect the environment or general quality of life.

The below list shows the main functions and responsibilities, and these categories, although not exhaustive, were evidenced as those that required attention by residents and visitors to Douglas. They are also outlined in the Douglas Charter, but priority must be given to the enforcement of local byelaws. As well as working in very close partnership with the local police ward managers, we have many tasks and duties within the car parks, market and other Council properties.


The highest priority of the team is to try to educate and prevent littering and dog fouling, but, unfortunately, we still need to enforce by way of Fixed Penalty Notices or prosecution. The borough wardens are highly reliant on members of the public providing information about offenders, in the hope that sufficient information is received to try to reduce the instances of the offences, or take matters to Court.


Borough wardens can be seen patrolling with their police partners in areas, or 'hot spot' zones where dog fouling and littering is found, as well as in the town centre.


(See also 'Trees and High Hedges')


Just remember, if we can't help you, we know someone who can!


From 1st July 2014 all calls related to the functions of a dog warden are to 686688 and they are diverted to the general number for the receipt of all complaints. At 17.00 the calls are diverted to the MSPCA number for them to deal with the dog matters until 20.00.


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  • Borough wardens
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