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Douglas Community Partnership Charter re-launched

Sunday, 21 September 2014 16:59

The Douglas Community Partnership Charter (DCP), which pledges to create ‘quality spaces for a proud and positive Douglas’, was officially re-launched at a signing and reception hosted by His Worship the Mayor of Douglas Councillor Stan Cain JP on Friday September 19th.



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Signing the Charter were His Worship; the Leader of the Council Councillor David Christian MBE JP; Department of Education and Children Minister Hon Tim Crookall MHK; Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture Minister Hon Richard Ronan MHK; Department of Home Affairs Minister Juan Watterson MHK; Department of Infrastructure Minister Hon Phil Gawne MHK and Douglas Development Partnership Chairman Hamish Ross.


Department of Health and Social Care Minister Hon Howard Quayle MHK and Chief Constable Gary Roberts were unable to attend but would sign the document at a later date.


CharterCover2014 MediumThe first version of the Charter was launched in May 2009. Then known as the Douglas Community Safety Partnership the document represented a pledge by Douglas Borough Council, Douglas Development Partnership and the then Departments of Local Government and the Environment, Transport and Tourism and Leisure, together with the Isle of Man Constabulary and the Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service to work together towards a ‘cleaner, safer, greener capital.’


Government re-structures in 2010 and April 2014 have brought about this third version of the Charter to better reflect the partnership members’ diverse community, strategic and environmental responsibilities.


Budgetary constraints, however, have since led to the Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service having to withdraw from the DCP, a decision respected by present member agencies but which they hope may be reversed at some point in the future.




DWCSigning DSC6168 MediumAhead of the Charter being signed Councillor Christian (pictured left) said the DCP was committed to improving the quality of life not only for those who lived or worked in Douglas but also for visitors to the town. ‘It’s also about attracting inward investment to the capital,’ he said.

‘Central to creating a cleaner, safer, greener Douglas is promoting a “Love Where You Live” culture in which everyone has a part to play. For the DCP to be truly effective its priorities must be shaped by local information. This we can achieve through partner agencies listening and responding to what people in the community are saying is important to them, an approach very much at the heart of the government’s current Big Debate initiative.’


The DCP has already achieved considerable success in bringing about environmental and social change.


Councillor Christian cited the example of the Hills Meadow industrial estate, which once projected an image of neglect but was now enjoying a revival in its fortunes. ‘Although still a work in progress Hills Meadow is a prime example of the DCP in action; agencies working together towards a common goal, sharing resources at a time when all member organisations’ budgets are hard pressed in order to achieve a meaningful result.’

The regeneration of Lower Douglas, provision of a CCTV monitoring suite, its installation funded from the Department of Home Affairs’ Seized Asset Fund, and extending CCTV across the borough were further examples of the positive benefits the DCP was bringing to the town, said Councillor Christian.


He concluded: ‘The DCP has pledged to deliver positive improvements and better service for the people of Douglas. It is a small group but it is a vitally important group.’


GaryRobertsphoto MediumChief Constable Gary Roberts with deputy mayor Councillor Jon Joughin after signing the Charter



Quayle DSC8156 MediumSocial Care Minister Howard Quayle MHK signs the charter in the presence of the Mayor


The Charter at a glance:


Partner agencies pledge to work together to ensure:


  • A formalised strategic approach to Douglas issues;
  • Accountability and value for money for residents, visitors and businesses of Douglas;
  • DCP priorities are driven by local information, intelligence and what local people say is important to them.


And that they:


  • Contribute to the strategic aims and objectives set out in the Isle of Man Government and Douglas Strategic Plans;
  • Deliver positive improvements in the quality of life for residents, visitors and businesses in the town and secure a ‘Cleaner, Greener, Safer’ Douglas;
  • Identify and promote improved coordination of working practices and service provision between partner agencies and consider what resources might be shared more effectively to achieve cost savings across departments by use of common functions to meet overall aims;
  • Invite or co-opt other agencies onto the DCP to assist in achieving its overall purpose and vision;
  • Ensure wherever possible that knowledge, best practice and experience are shared;
  • Improve understanding of the issues and pressures faced by fellow partner organisations;
  • Rationalise communications to reduce duplication and effort;
  • Report back to the community.


Copies of the Douglas Community Partnership Charter are available from Douglas Town Hall, telephone 696300.