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Six Electric Vehicle Charging Points Installed at Shaw's Brow Car Park

Douglas Borough Council and Manx Utilities have collaborated on the installation of six Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points at Shaw’s Brow Car Park.


The six charging points, which are located on the entrance level (level three) of the car park, have been converted from disabled spaces to dual disabled and EV charging spaces. The Council’s decision to convert the spaces from disabled only, to dual use, was due to a lack of usage which had been monitored closely by the Council over a period. Five additional disabled spaces are located across the car park.


Councillor Falk Horning, Chairman of the Environmental Services Committee, said: ‘The installation of six new EV charging points is a welcome addition to Shaw Brow’s Car Park. As the Island works towards meeting its net-zero emission targets by 2050, more and more drivers are switching to low emission and electric vehicles. However, this change requires the support of local authorities to ensure that a sufficient EV charging infrastructure is in place, particularly within the capital of the Island, which sees a significant amount of inbound traffic throughout the week.


‘Given the location of Shaw’s Brow, the Council also hopes that additional EV points within central Douglas will have a positive impact on local trade. As the ownership and use of electric cars increases, EV drivers are likely to choose to go shopping where charging infrastructure is most prevalent and available.


‘To use the spaces, drivers must either be displaying a blue badge or be actively charging their vehicle. The car park tariff is as standard, although disabled drivers can register at the Town Hall to receive their first hour free of charge.’


Mark Christian, Business Development Project Delivery Manager at Manx Utilities, added: ‘The EV charging spaces installed at Shaw’s Brow use the popular PodPoint system and form part of an Island network of EV charging points installed by Manx Utilities, which currently has 85 sockets available.


‘We strive to ensure that EV charging facilities are widely accessible across the Isle of Man, and by doing so will help encourage more drivers to switch to electric vehicles. These spaces could also be vital for many households across the Isle of Man that do not have off-street parking at home and therefore no immediate access to an EV charging point.’