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New Artwork Banners in Capital Could Inspire Celtic Artists

New eye-catching banners have been officially installed on landside lighting columns along Douglas Promenade.


Designed by Isle of Man artist Nicola Dixon and in partnership with Douglas Borough Council, the banners are based on the ancient artform of knotwork.


With a nod to acclaimed Manx artist Archibald Knox (1864-1933), the Celtic designs arose from Knotwork which, traditionally, was important to mariners and is seen locally on stone carvings by the Vikings and Celts.


Nicola developed a Knox style knot teaching course for Manx schools working with the simplest knot and some motifs developed from that work have found their way on to the banners.

Nicola explained: “Knox was inspired by many of the stone carvings and origins of the banner images can be found in Knox’s Liberty of London silverware, the Deer’s Cry manuscript and his grave at Braddan Cemetery. Other designs have been inspired by details from the Viking Odd’s Cross in Braddan Church, a cross slab in Maughold, and the Carrick bend knot used by sailors also found in carvings.

‘I am very pleased with the work and hope the banners will also complement the overall promenade redevelopment.’

Council Leader Councillor Claire Wells added: Douglas plays a key role as a gateway to the Isle of Man and so it’s important that the city centre projects a welcoming image.


‘The stunning knotwork designs Nicola has created will give visitors a taste of the Island’s rich creative heritage, pique their curiosity and inspire them to find out more about the Isle of Man and I know Nicola is hoping her designs will inspire the Celtic artists of the future too.’