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Council Leader thanks long-serving Councillor for commitment

Thursday, 10 February 2022 16:23

The Leader of Douglas Borough Council has thanked a long-serving councillor for his commitment to the Regeneration and Community Committee.


Mr Councillor Stephen Pitts recently stood down as Chair after approaching a decade in post and has been replaced by Vice-Chair, Mr Councillor Andrew Bentley.


Council Leader Mrs Claire Wells this week placed on record her appreciation for Councillor Pitts' service in the role.


She said: 'Since 2012 when the current standing committee system was introduced, Councillor Pitts has chaired the Regeneration and Community Committee for all but a period of 18 months.


'As a long-time councillor and former mayor of Douglas, his experience has been invaluable and, on behalf of the Council, I would like to acknowledge the commitment and dedication he has displayed during that time.'