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Town Hall Heritage Open Day tour reveals 'fascinating history'

Tuesday, 12 October 2021 08:36

Visitors to Douglas Town Hall have spoken of the building’s ‘fascinating history’ as revealed during the Heritage Open Day tour on Saturday October 9.


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Among the tour visitors were Tracy and Gary Quayle and their children Tommy, 15 and Erin, 11. Mrs Quayle said: ‘It was particularly interesting to see the old library with its high ceiling and natural light.’ Mr Quayle added: ‘We’re big fans of the open days; my father was in in the fire service, so to see the former fire station with its red door was great.’


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Dr Tony Garratt found the Town Hall’s ‘fascinating history’ of interest and said he was impressed by ‘how well preserved’ the building was, while Michael Goodman was impressed by the public areas’ ‘element of space’.


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A keen interest in architecture had attracted Sara Farnworth to the open day. She said: ‘The tour gives you a better understanding of how the Town Hall would have functioned in the past as a working public building.’


1Farnworth091021-DBC-052 MediumSara Farnworth views some vintage office equipment


Heather and Geoff Clague had fond memories of the Town Hall. Mrs Clague said: ‘I remember the fire station, so I found its history really interesting. The building seemed well looked after and from the basement to the top floor former caretaker’s flat, the tour was very enjoyable.’


1Quayles091021-DBC-005 MediumTracy and Gary Quayle with their children Tommy,, 15 and Erin, eight


Council Leader Councillor Claire Wells said: ‘To hear such warm words of praise from members of the public is most encouraging. The Town Hall open days are a great way of bringing history to life. Importantly, they illustrate the forward-thinking culture and commitment to serve the people of Douglas that first distinguished Douglas Corporation and remains the guiding principle of Douglas Borough Council.’


1Chains091021-DBC-019 Mediumher Worship the Mayor, joined by the Mayoress, points out details of the mayoral regalia to a group of visitors


1Simmonds091021-DBC-060 MediumJulian Simmonds with daughter Erin, eight