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COVID-19: 'We will endure'. Joint statement from the Leader of Douglas Borough Council and His Worship the Mayor of Douglas

Tuesday, 31 March 2020 13:37

Despite mounting COVID-19 restrictions, service disruptions and closure of all its public buildings, the Council has not forgotten those it serves and remains determined to deliver for Douglas, the Mayor of Douglas Councillor Jon Joughin JP and the Leader of the Council, Councillor David Christian MBE JP have said.


Councillor Christian said: ‘The doors of our buildings may be closed but no one is being forgotten. I’m in daily contact with Members, Chief Officers and teams across every function of the Council. Together, we’re dealing with an exceptionally high level of calls and emails, some of which are specific enquiries, others, understandably, are just seeking reassurance.


‘In times of crisis communication is key, so in tandem with our media relations operation we’re communicating through our social media channels to ensure we keep people informed of all service disruptions.


‘These are incredibly anxious times for everybody and the Council is fully supportive of the actions being taken by the Isle of Man Government, whose guidelines we welcome and are pleased to be following.


‘The scale of the challenge is unprecedented and we’re having to make some very difficult decisions. Confronting the coronavirus pandemic is placing extraordinary demands on our staff. I’m enormously proud to be Leader of an organisation where each and every one of our Members and workforce is going above and beyond to serve our constituents, tenants, customers and the wider community.


‘We will never forget these dark days and we will never forget those who place their trust in us to serve and represent them.


‘We will get through this. We will emerge stronger, wiser, kinder and more united.’


His Worship the Mayor said: ‘Coronavirus may be keeping people apart but, as in all times of crisis, our Island’s unfailing sense of community and mutual support is shining through.

‘Long before this devastating disease took hold and changed everyone’s way of life I witnessed, together with my wife Angela, the Mayoress, so many acts of selflessness and kindness shown to the vulnerable and those most in need by individuals and charitable organisations all working hard to transform people’s lives.


‘Our dependence on one another has never been greater. Every one of us has a part to play. COVID-19 may not yet be defeated. The Manx nation’s generosity of spirit will, however, never be defeated. Together we will endure.’