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Council takes another step forward in promoting active travel

Tuesday, 12 November 2019 18:19

Douglas Borough Council has installed two commuter bicycle locker compounds - or ‘bike nests’ - in Shaw’s Brow car park.


 1Bike Nests Medium


Intended for users who regularly cycle to and from work, the lockers hold six bicycles each and are provided under a partnership between the Council and the Department of Infrastructure as part of the government’s Active Travel Strategy which aims to encourage regular, more active forms of travel.


Environmental Services Committee Chair Councillor Ritchie McNicholl said: ‘It is well documented that cycling has wellbeing and environmental benefits. These lockers have been installed to provide secure, weather-protected spaces primarily for cyclists who choose to commute regularly to Douglas by bike rather than by car.


‘The Council applauds the Isle of Man Government's ambition to increase active travel, so has been pleased to partner with the Department of Infrastructure in this worthwhile scheme.


‘Providing these lockers not only demonstrates the Council’s support of the Active Travel Strategy but also our commitment to responsible environmental stewardship as set out in our Corporate Plan. Importantly we’re taking another step forward to making active travel the norm rather than the exception.’


Six keys are available for each six-space locker. Keys will only be issued by the Council to named individuals after proof of identify has been verified.


Keys can be obtained, subject to availability, from the Cashier’s Office at Douglas Town Hall for a returnable deposit of £10.


To ensure the lockers remain as secure as possible the keys are security keys and cannot be copied without the corresponding code.


For more information call 696305 or email Chris Pycroft.