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New vehicle added to Council's kerbside collection service fleet

Wednesday, 16 October 2019 14:48

Douglas Borough Council has added a new vehicle to its fleet of kerbside collection vehicles.


 1DuoDouglas-Recycling-5 MediumCouncillor Ritchie McNicholl with Assistant Chief Officer (Environment) Alan Donnelly


The new Euro 6-compliant low-emission kerbsider is fitted with four collection compartments that hold paper, glass bottles, cans and plastic bottles, and has a wheelie bin lifting mechanism to serve the Council’s commercial recycling customers.


As part of the Council’s commitment to encourage households to recycle, each side of the vehicle bears a prominent awareness-raising message. One reads: ‘Every year the Isle of Man bins the weight of 286 killer whales in plastic’; the other: ‘Every year we recycle 835 tonnes of paper, saving 20,040 trees.’


1WhalesDouglas-Recycling-15 Medium


1TreesDouglas-Recycling-9 Medium


Recycling champion and Chair of the Environmental Services Committee Councillor Ritchie McNicholl said: ‘It’s clear there’s a willingness, in principle at least, among the people of the Isle of Man to recycle or to recycle more and I was interested to learn that in a recent Manx Radio survey “What Matters Most” concerns about recycling was a recurrent theme.


‘The Council is doing it all can to alert customers – domestic and commercial – to the importance of recycling. In addition, we listen and respond to customer feedback to identify how we can improve the service. Getting more people to recycle, though, is also about changing behaviours and strengthening public engagement. To this end our Waste Services team regularly host tours of the Council’s recycling operation at our Ballacottier service centre and deliver educational talks in schools.


‘We’re constantly reviewing our kerbside collection operation with a view to not only making it more accessible to customers but also to investigate opportunities for expanding the service. Meanwhile, this latest addition to our vehicle fleet will help to make our kerbside collection more economically and environmentally efficient.’