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Council flags up success through teamwork

Tuesday, 07 August 2018 10:45

‘Teamwork is the key to our consistent success in the annual Green Flag campaign,’ says Douglas Borough Council’s Regeneration and Community Committee Chair Councillor Stephen Pitts.


Councillor Pitts was speaking after Douglas was awarded eight Green Flags in 2018 by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy.


AGreen Flag Awards Group-4 Medium


He continued: ‘All the Parks Service team are committed to making the Council’s green spaces as attractive as possible throughout the year. Long before the Council’s first submissions to the Green Flag campaign, our Head of Parks David Hewes and his team were always showing tremendous initiative and vision, creating eye-catching displays and contributing to the capital’s quality of life.


‘The Green Flag campaign, however, provides an added focus and strengthens the team’s resolve to build on their previous successes, as winners must re-apply each year. To have been awarded eight Green Flags in 2018 – including two new entries, Derby Square and Summerhill Glen – is truly exceptional.


‘This year’s achievement is all the more remarkable considering that only local authorities in the north west of England serving far larger populations than Douglas have been awarded

so many Green Flags.


‘To create outstanding floral displays, many of which are inspired by cultural, national or world events, takes tremendous enthusiasm and imagination. It also takes teamwork so I congratulate the Parks Service team for bringing about such positive outcomes year on year in the Green Flag campaign.’


Council Leader Councillor David Christian said: ‘To have been awarded eight Green Flags is a highly visible example of how the Council is supporting The Year of Our Island, the aim of which complements a key objective in our Corporate Plan: namely for Douglas to be a desirable place to live, work and visit.’


 The eight Green Flags awarded to Douglas in 2018 are:



• Derby Square (new for 2018);


• Douglas Borough Cemetery;


• Douglas Golf Course;


• Douglas Head;


• Hutchinson Square;


• Marine Gardens;


• Noble’s Park;


• Summerhill Glen (new for 2018).