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Council clarifies stance on Governor's Hill mobile phone antenna application

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 15:36

Douglas Borough Council wishes to clarify its stance regarding a planning application submitted by Sure to replace an existing lamp post with an antenna-topped lamp post and associated equipment cabinets at Hailwood Avenue near to its junction with Lakeside Road.


The Council wishes to make it clear that it has not ‘officially approved’ the application, but was acting solely in its capacity as a statutory consultee, in which role it deemed there to be no valid grounds for objection. The Environmental Services Committee, acknowledging that the application complied with the 2016 Isle of Man Strategic Plan policy requirements, therefore resolved to raise no objection.


The resolution was not, however, unanimous, with Committee Chair Mr Councillor McNicholl registering his vote against the motion.


The only valid planning consideration would be the siting and appearance of the installation, a separate application for which would have to be placed before the Council and require its approval.


Council Leader Councillor David Christian MBE JP said: ‘The Council recognises that mobile phone signal quality in the Governor’s Hill area can be problematic. In its deliberations as a statutory consultee on Sure’s application, the Environmental Services Committee was acknowledging that telecommunications systems have to evolve to satisfy growing demand by households and businesses. Providers must, however, be mindful of and sensitive to the environmental impact of any new installations, considerations the Committee will be taking into account, together with the views of residents in the area, should a further related application be placed before it.’