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Basking Sharks

Photograph courtesy of Hannah Keogh Photograph courtesy of Hannah Keogh

Basking sharks are a common and fascinating feature in Manx waters.


Between May and August is when most sightings occur and it is a popular pastime to spot them.


Despite being the second largest fish in the world, measuring up to 45 feet long, basking sharks are considered harmless, however, it is advised the public keep their distance- mainly for the safety and preservation of the sharks which are classified as an endangered species.


It is possible, however, to approach these gentle giants by boat - an activity favoured by tourists and local enthusiasts alike - to photograph them or simply enjoy the company of these incredible creatures.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I report a sighting?

Yes, the Manx Basking Shark Watch encourages reports of sightings and photographs and is always eager for new information. You can do this via their website (See 'Useful Links') which also contains further information on basking sharks.


Can I rent boats to go shark spotting?

Yes. The website offers information on how to rent boats including prices, different sizes of vessels and contact details.


Are basking sharks dangerous?

No, basking sharks feed on plankton and have no teeth. They pose no threat to humans however should not be approached for their own wellbeing.


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