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Please do not try to use this procedure if the matter is a request for service; that can be dealt with more effectively through the “Report a Problem” function under “Services” on the Council’s website, by attending the appropriate public counter, or by requesting through the Council’s enquiries e-mail address:


And if the complaint is about a political Member of the Council, there is a separate form available on request from the Assistant Chief Officer (Democratic Services), Town Hall, P.O. Box 2, Douglas.

For all other complaints, about administrative or service failure, the form on this page may be used. The Council has in place a four-stage process for dealing with complaints, as follows:



Stage 1 - Resolution



In the first instance it may be best to speak to the person you have been dealing with and explain your complaint, or you can ask to speak to the person in charge who may be able to resolve your complaint straight away.



Stage 2 - Investigation


If you are still not content and you feel that your complaint has not been resolved, please contact the Assistant Chief Officer (Democratic Services), by using the complaints form provided if convenient. The Assistant Chief Officer (Democratic Services) will then either investigate the complaint or refer it to another Officer to investigate.


It is important, when submitting your complaint that you provide as much information as possible to help us understand the issue and to contact you. For example;


  • Your full name and home address.
  • Telephone number and contact information.
  • A detailed description of your complaint and what you think we should do to resolve the problem.



What will happen next?


An acknowledgement of your complaint will be issued within 3 working days of receipt.


Where possible we will deal with your complaint within 15 working days. However if this is not likely to be possible we will contact you to let you know the expected timeframe for a response.



Stage 3 - Review


If at the end of the process you are still not satisfied with the way the matter has been dealt with, you may write to the Chief Executive Officer at the following address who will arrange for the matter to be reviewed.


Ms. K.J. Rice, BA(Hons)

Chief Executive,

Douglas Borough Council,

P.O. Box 2,


IM99 1AD


An acknowledgement of your communication will be issued within 3 working days of receipt. Where possible the review will be dealt with within 20 working days, however if this is not likely to be possible we will contact you to let you know the expected timeframe for a response.


Stage 4 - Tynwald Commissioner for Administration


If, after the review, you remain dissatisfied with the way in which the Council has handled and reviewed your complaint, under the provisions of the Tynwald Commissioners for Administration Act 2011 you may write to the Tynwald Commissioner for Administration seeking their consideration of the matter.

The Commissioner will consider a complaint made no more than 6 months after a final decision of the matter was received by the complainant from the Council.

Your complaint must be made in writing and sent using either of the following methods:


By Post: Tynwald Commissioner for Administration

Office of the Clerk of Tynwald

Legislative buildings

Finch Road


Isle of Man


Information regarding the remit of the Tynwald Commissioner for Administration can be found via the following link:





Handling of Your Complaint

The Council is committed to dealing with all complaints fairly, impartially and in a timely manner, however, we reserve the right to protect our staff against any behaviour by customers that is unacceptable such as abusive, offensive or threatening behaviour in line with our policy for managing vexatious complaints, correspondence and behaviour.


Data Protection

The information you provide when you make a complaint will only be processed for the purpose of dealing with your complaint. Our Privacy Notice explains how we collect, store and handle your personal data in line with current data protection legislation as applied in the Isle of Man. If you would like to find out more please visit our website at




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