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A rubbish idea for Douglas Carnival

Saturday, 14 June 2014 14:00

The race is on for the first 20 adrenalin-seeking turbo-charged teams willing to take on the challenge of Douglas Carnival’s Wheelie Bin drag race on Saturday July 19th.


Straddle BSC1752MediumTown centre manager Michelle O’Malley, left, with Jane Knowles and Newell Balance from the Salty Seafarers wheelie bin race team


It’s first come, first served to claim one of the 20 240-litre domestic wheelie bins provided by Douglas Borough Council and headline the carnival cavalcade when it roars into action at 6.30pm and travels the full length of Douglas promenade.


Each team must comprise three people, (fearless and extrovert would be good, though not obligatory) and it’s not compulsory to take the ‘drag’ element to heart, though it could add some welcome glamour. But what’s important is that teams release their inner Blue Peter/Vivienne Westwood and customise their race outfits and bins and transform them into Formula 1 fabulousness.


As with all premium motorsports events there are rules and regulations, available for downloading from the Douglas Carnival web page. (See panel opposite).


There’s also champagne for the winning team, either for spraying in true Formula 1 fashion or drinking and, of course, the dubious pleasure/ profound embarrassment of being feted as the first ever winners of an event that’s sure to become serious competition to the TT.


Runners-up will receive a bottle of something with bubbles, could be cava, could be bath foam, depends on the discount.


And for third place? Well, it’ll be a bottle, but we can’t guarantee the contents won’t be more paint stripper than pinot.


Still interested? Then visit to download an entry form then send it, completed, along with a sketch (rough’s OK, da Vinci quality better) of the design you’re planning for your bin to those nice people (who clearly are troubled souls) at Douglas Development Partnership in Victoria Street, Douglas.


Important Notice: Any submission that substitutes the word ‘really’ for ‘wheelie’ will be immediately consigned to a bin, wheeled or otherwise.


Need help? Then check out the panel opposite. 

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