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Irrigation ingenuity keeps Council's floral displays flourishing

Tuesday, 14 August 2018 14:53

Douglas Borough Council’s floral displays are continuing to flourish during the hosepipe pipe ban thanks to the ingenuity of the Parks Service.


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The service has been working with the National Sports Centre and Manx Utilities to salvage 100,000 litres of brown water pumped out of the NSC’s pools in preparation for refurbishment works.


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The water has been transported to the Council’s Ballaughton Nursery and stored in underground rainwater harvesting tanks and other surface-level tanks.


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While not potable, the naturally de-chlorinated water is suitable for watering plants and flowers.


At a public meeting of the Council held on Wednesday August 9 Members were unanimous in their praise for Head of Parks David Hewes and his team for maintaining the town’s floral displays and green spaces in such good condition despite the challenges posed by the need to conserve water.


Regeneration and Community Committee Chair Councillor Stephen Pitts said: ‘Once again the Parks Service team have shown their skill at adapting to changing conditions and budgetary constraints, while never compromising their high standards, an approach that has seen Douglas win eight Green Flag awards this year.


‘I am pleased that the Council having partnered with the NSC and Manx Utilities has provided such a satisfactory conclusion to keeping our parks and gardens so green and colourful this summer.’