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Super hero Summer Reading Challenge session

Saturday, 11 August 2018 11:30

The Mayor joined young 'super heroes' taking part in a Henry Bloom Noble Library workshop session for this year's Summer Reading Challenge Mischief Makers inspired by the children's comic Beano, celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. Children made bats and balls, pencil holders and super hero sticker scenes. Children explore a map of Beanotown to find the mysterious buried treasure and become ultimate mischief makers. Dennis, Gnasher and friends help them solve clues and collect stickers, having fun and adventures along the way.


A DSC5951 MediumThe Mayor with Fianna and Mian Watterson, six and eight respectively


A DSC5953 MediumJuan Clarke with Dylan and Bowen Kelly, seven and five respectively


A DSC5964 MediumArron, eight and Caroline Towler


A DSC5968 MediumOishani, seven and India Chakraborty


A DSC5981 MediumGeoff Price-Jones, 10


A DSC5960 MediumTommy, 12, and Erin, eight, Quayle


A DSC5985 MediumEmily Jacobs, six


A DSC5974 Medium