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Derby Ward Bye Election result

Thursday, 09 August 2018 10:35

Public Notice is hereby given, in accordance with the Local Elections Act 1986 and the Local Election Rules 2003, as amended, that Andrew John Bentley of 8 Raven's Wharf, South Quay, Douglas, has been duly elected to serve as a Councillor for DERBY WARD of the BOROUGH OF DOUGLAS until 1st May 2020.


The total numbers of votes given for each candidate was:


Bentley, Andrew John -  191

Krentz, Charlton Lee John - 100

Newall, Claire Louise - 24

Walker, Amanda Jane - 139 


Spoilt papers: six


The total number of voters voting at this election was 442, representing a turnout of 18.5 per cent,


The number of ballot papers rejected was:


a) for want of official mark: 0 

b) for voting for more candidates than there were vacancies to be filled: 6

c)for writing or mark by which the voter could be identified: 0

d) unmarked or void for uncertainty: 0